Feed The Need Marion County invite you to join them August 3rd for send me our 2018 praise show fundraiser. This will be a very uplifting and emotional event. We are working with several local churches, pastors, and worship leaders to provide an evening that you will not forget. To see these groups come together has been very inspiring and breeds excitement for the impact this will have on our youth. We hope that you decide to support this cause that is so important to this community.

What is Feed the Need?

Feed the Need is a not-for-profit, faith-based co-op established under the umbrella of Ocala Outreach. Feed the Need was founded by Rondo Fernandez of the Mojo Grill and is made up of 7 local restaurants that carry this town through community outreach. Mojo’s Grill & Catering, Sonny’s BBQ, Subway Management Inc, Pasta Faire, Fransceco’s, Latinos Y Mas, Craft Cuisine, Ipanema and Subway Management are the restaurants that have teamed with local partners like Loco Graphics, Ocala Website Design, Cheney Brothers Ocala and Phillips Printing to make up “Feed the Need.”

Our Mission

The mission of Feed the Need is “to positively impact the needs of underprivileged youth in Marion County through faith, local resources and community partnerships.” It is our hope and prayer that Feed the Need will impact Marion County greatly by providing resources to help with any number of needs from food to school supplies and hygiene products.