If you want to advertise with us, we can do that! All ads are rotated on the sidebars of our main site and our crowd-funding site.  Regular ads cost $50/month and 100% of all ad revenue is donated to our general fund for helping our Outreach Projects.  If you wish to start advertising, please contact us and start donating! It’s that easy.  Regular ads should be exactly 300×100 pixels.  If you need help creating an ad, please contact us and for an additional one-time $50 donation to the general fund, we will create your ad for you.

We also have a few spots on the main site for donors that offer large donations of $2,000 or more.  These ads are currently 125×125 pixels and are only displayed on our main page.  We welcome any and all donations.

100% of your advertisement fees go to helping families in need! Contact us today!

Want to advertise us?

Here is a link to a zip file that has all our print-ready logos all zipped and ready to go!  Please let us know if  you decide to use them so we know who is marketing us!

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