“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
– Mother Teresa

We firmly believe that keeping our donors and potential donor informed of what Ocala Outreach Foundation’s costs are as well as who is paying for them. This is a list of our start-up costs and how each cost was taken care of.  If you are interested in donating to Ocala Outreach Foundation to help cover a cost that is not yet funded, please contact us today.

If you wish to make a donation to an expenditure, please visit our donations page on this site or you can make a donation to our Outreach Project for Expenditures on our Outreach Projects website.

  • Articles of Incorporation:

    • This service to incorporate Ocala Outreach Foundation, Inc., was donated by one of the most prestigious law firms in the country, Levine Law Firm of Miami.

  • Application for 501c3 status:

    $850 – We have received the confirmation letter of the 501c3 status on March 1st, 2013. We will link to the official records once their database is updated, which is the 2nd Monday of each month (Should be in the March 8th cycle, if not, it will be in the April 12th cycle.). Donated by founding board members:

    Download Tax Exempt Letter

    View Current IRS Status

  • Application for Department of Agricultural:

    • $75 – This paperwork has been completed – Donated by founding board member Tom McDonald, owner of Pi On Broadway.

  • Articles of Amendment:

    $35 fee to submit the Articles of Amendment to add the rest of the board members to the foundation. – Donated by a founding board member Blair “Tommy” Thomas, owner of Ocala Website Designs LLC.

    • Articles of Incorporation – First 4 board members and articles of incorporation.

    • Aticles of Amendment – Updated the board members with the other 5 board members. We will be adding one more board member soon, so keep checking back!

  • Banking Services:

    • Opened our bank account at Ocala Community Credit Union, $10 was deposited in the savings account and $50 was deposited in the checking account. A one-time $3 fee was taken from the savings account. – Donated by a founding board member Blair “Tommy” Thomas, owner of Ocala Website Designs LLC.

  • Monthly Banking Charges:
    • Ocala Community Credit Union charges $5 month with no limits on transactions or convoluted rules that would make it difficult to track fees. – Donated by Ocala Outreach Board Members.

  • Accountant Services:
    • Estimated cost for these services is about $800 to $1,200. – Donated by a founding board member Crystal Loomis owner of Ocala Tax Accountants.

  • Website Design:
    • Estimated cost for the two websites (Main site & E-Commerce-Based Projects Website) created in 2013 is from $1,200 to $2,500 each. The 2014 website re-design is about an $1,800 donation in kind – Donated by a founding board member Blair “Tommy” Thomas, owner of Ocala Website Designs LLC.

  • Website Hosting:
    • Estimated cost for hosting a large, high-traffic, business website and e-commerce website can cost as much as $140/month each. – Donated by founding board member Blair “Tommy” Thomas, owner of Ocala Website Designs LLC.

  • Company Brochure:

    The cost to print the initial first order will be between $300 to $500. We are looking for a local company that would be interested in printing our brochure. We have worked in an ad spot for whoever covers the costs so they get free advertising. These brochures will be handed out to potential donors as well as potential Outreach Projects. – We are still looking for a donor for this.

    • Download Brochure Mockup – Feel free to download the brochure mockup. Please notice the ad spot in the center fold on the back cover where your logo or company’s name will go. Please contact us if you are interested in helping us with this item!

      Do not print this copy as it does not have a sponsor’s logo on it!

      Companies that have covered the cost of our brochures:


100% of donations help our community!

Remember, 100% of you donations go to the families we have listed. If you wish to donate to the foundation’s expense account, which is practically nothing, you can do so as well. We use separate donations for the foundation’s expenses, to cover the bank draft fees, and various other items listed on our costs page. If you like what we are doing with regular donations, and you want to help us out with some of our costs, feel free to donate directly to the foundation.

We are a non-profit, and have our 501c3 status.

We are not faith-based, but we are not without faith. We believe in focusing on those we have the ability to help, and that is it. The more donations we receive, the more we are able to help. Your donations are needed, so please donate today.

Want to give a one-time donation of your choice to help Ocala Outreach Foundation cover any expenses?

If you want to donate directly to the Foundations expense account to help the foundation cover any cost we may have, please use this button and give your donation today! We currently have minimal expenses, and will do anything in our power to keep it that way. Founding board members have most costs covered already. I would love to say there would never be any more expenses other than the ones we have already paid for but that just wouldn’t be true. This donation does not go to the families, it goes to covering costs as needed.